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Nestled in an ancient Celtic rainforest, Wild Ireland offers sanctuary to many animals that have been exploited, abused and pushed to the point of extinction at the hands of man.

Our ongoing mission is to rescue and rehabilitate animals needing sanctuary and help restore our natural environment through native planting.  We aim to inspire young people to be the conservationists of the future through educating our guests on local and global conservation issues.


Too many animals are exploited and abused in places such as laboratories, circuses, roadside zoos and the illegal pet trade.

Wild Ireland offers sanctuary to many animals that have been persecuted and hunted into extinction in Ireland, such as Brown Bears, Wolves, Lynx, and Wild Boar.

We offer them sanctuary and provide them with any immediate medical care, whilst offering them an environment, food and enrichment tailored to their unique needs.



Wild Ireland provides a safe space for these animals to recover, both physically and mentally.

Some of these animals need to learn how to act like an animal.  They then need to learn how to go outside, how to walk on grass, how to swim, how to play and how to socialise with other animals. This can be a long and difficult process, but the Wild Ireland team strives to provides them with everything they need to succeed.

Nurture natural habit and instincts

For many of the animals at Wild Ireland, release into the wild is not feasible. They have never learned how to survive, find food or avoid predators or man.

Wild Ireland has created natural habitats for the animals in our care, so they can live as close to being in the wild as possible.

We house the animals here in a natural environment, just like they would live in the wild.

By providing environmental enrichment, we can encourage species specific behaviours in each of our rescue animals. As a result, our animals flourish in this environment.

We have a team of trained animal keepers, zoologists, veterinarians and international animal consultants, striving every day for the top level of animal welfare for the creatures in our care.

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Provide Fresh Food

The dietary requirements of our animals is carefully curated by experts. We give them a natural, nutrient rich menu tailored to their individual needs. 

We also have a programme of environmental enrichment to give them daily challenges to forage for their food and to keep them motivated and active.

All the food we source is both ethical and suitable for human consumption.

Restore the forest

As part of our effort to restore balance, we undertake extensive eco system restoration. We remove invasive species of plants and trees and replace them with native species. This provides habitat for native birds, Invertebrates and mammals. 

Since opening, we have planted more than 10,000 trees! This not only benefits the animals calling Wild Ireland home, but also the planet, combating climate change and helping to restore the Celtic Rainforest.


We have a a programme of education at Wild Ireland and teach our guests about the plight of animals in the wild and the negative impacts man has upon them.

We inspire a new generation of conservationists to ensure the preservation of our wildlife and forests into the future.

They will be delighted to hear historic tales of our many species and stories of ancient Irish folklore.

Our Partners

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners in animal rescue.