Our Ethics

Wild Ireland is deeply committed deeply committed to providing a safe and ethical sanctuary for rescue animals, particularly brown bears and other predators that have been mistreated or cannot be returned to the wild.

One of the biggest challenges rescuers face is what to do with animals that cannot be rehabilitated and released back into the wild. Without a sanctuary like Wild ireland, euthanasia may be the only option. However, Wild ireland is able to offer homes to some of these animals and give them a second chance at life in a semi natural environment where they can receive expert care, veterinary treatment and a good diet. This includes social interaction with animals of their own kind.

Our focus is on providing a high standard of care for all of the animals at Wild Ireland, and we are constantly striving to improve the quality of life for our residents. This includes providing large, natural enclosures that allow the animals to exhibit their natural behaviours and engage in activities that are important for their physical and mental well-being.

We also place a strong emphasis on education and conservation, and we believe that our work at Wild Ireland can help to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our native wildlife and preserving their habitats.

Overall, we are dedicated to ensuring that Wild Ireland is a safe and ethical sanctuary for all of our animals, and we will continue to work towards this goal every day.

We understand that our responsibility towards the animals goes beyond providing them with a safe haven. As such, we are committed to running an ethical and sustainable business.

Our gift shop and cafe offer a range of products that are carefully sourced to ensure they are ethical and sustainable. We try to limit the use of single-use plastics in our operations and opt for biodegradable and compostable alternatives wherever possible.

The diets of our animals are sourced only from ethical and sustainable farms that prioritize animal welfare. We believe that sustainable farming is essential for the long-term health of our planet and our animals.

Even pest control in the park goes through an ethical review committee, and we are committed to using poison free and pain-free extermination methods. This not only protects the birds of prey and other wildlife in the park but also ensures that we adhere to our ethical values.

We are committed to creating a sustainable and ethical environment for both our animals and our visitors. We believe that our approach sets an example for others to follow and helps to ensure the long-term health and well-being of our planet.